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Spacesim is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching people about space, as well as fostering a love and respect of the "final frontier." Explore our site to learn more about Spacesim, and we hope you enjoy your visit.


Education: Satellites

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The Satellites program is designed to give participants an appreciation of the role that satellites play in today's world, and an understanding of how they work.

Participants use their creativity, imagination, and problem-solving and leadership skills to design their own satellite. The participants also learn to appreciate the importance of decision-making, a crucial skill in today's fast-paced world. Each group will employ these strengths to produce a realistic design, while learning about science and technology, and making new friends.

The Satellites participants split up into groups of four to design a satellite, deciding on its function and choosing the parts it will need. Guided by a Spacesim member, the participants then choose the parts of their satellite, taking cost, efficiency, and durability into account. Next, the group produces a diagram and presents their satellite to a Board of Directors who decides which satellite is the most viable to be launched.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore Spacesim's habitat, the Hawking, as well as Mission Control.

We regret that we currently do not offer this program as an activity.

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