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Spacesim is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching people about space, as well as fostering a love and respect of the "final frontier." Explore our site to learn more about Spacesim, and we hope you enjoy your visit.


Education: About EEP

About EEP
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The Planetarium
The Summer Planetarium Program


Although it would be easy to spend all our time focused on the mission, Spacesim members also invite elementary classes to come visit during our Elementary Education Programs (EEP).

This program, originally designed by Miriam Padolsky and Hilary Myron (collectively known as Milary), is run at various times during the year. Students attending the program get to learn various things about science, technology and space. Furthermore, they get a chance to see our setup and use some of the equipment our various sponsors have given us or enabled us to buy.

Spacesim members running the program also get a chance to share their interests, knowledge and love of the subjects with younger students... who knows, maybe that kid who keeps asking questions will grow up to be a physicist or an astronaut!

The Education Commander for the 2013-14 school year is Alex Mersereau.

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