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The Best Picture of Mars Taken from the Hubble TelescopeOlymus Mons- The Largest Volcano on MarsFor millennia, Mars has held a fascination over Mankind. The fourth planet from the Sun, Mars is also the seventh largest planet in the solar system. Its soil has a high amount of iron oxide (rust), giving the planet its characteristic red colour (Mars is also known as the Red Planet); it's because of its colour that ancient astronomers decided to name it Mars, after the Roman god of war. The first spacecraft to visit Mars was Mariner 4 in 1965. Several others followed including Mars 2, the first spacecraft to land on Mars and the two Viking landers in 1976. Ending a long 20 year hiatus, Mars Pathfinder (below) landed successfully on Mars on 1997 July 4.

The astronauts for the 2001-2002 OCESS mission to Mars were Alex Ghosh, Leigh Honeywell, Yi Yuan Zhou, John Fernandez, Kevin Williams, and Kelly Elarde.

The official log for the 2001-2002 mission to Mars can be accessed here. Please note that Wordpad or Notepad is required to view the log.



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