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Archives: Ida & Dactyl 2003

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This years Mission was to Ida and its satellite Dactyl, two asteroids in the asteroid belt. The mission was commanded by Betty Ferch and Ian Cantello. This mission saw the first use of the newly constructed Hotlab, as well as being the first mission of the Habitat since it was re-christened Brahe, in honour of the astronomer Tycho Brahe. A flurry of new software was created for the mission including a new CMES programme, navicomp system, and an integrated mission timer. The astronauts had a wonderful time, but it also was stressful seeing as the mission was plagued with meteor showers. All in all, the first OCE Space Sim mission to the asteroid belt was a great success. The astronauts for the mission were: Betty Ferch, Shain Davidson, Graham Preston, Dan Sirbu, Josh Zhal, and Andrew Drecmzewska-Hodson.


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