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Our Mission Patch in 1998As usual, the pre-mission preparations and countdown were intense and stress-filled. But when the launch took place, however, everyone knew that the hard work and dedication put into the mission were well worth it.

About half an hour before the launch, after the crews from various TV stations and newspapers had arrived, the astronauts filed into the space shuttle Galileo that would be launched from Earth to link up to the Habitat. In Mission Control, one member held a walkie-talkie and initiated the startup procedures; a similar device was held by an astronaut in the shuttle, and as they communicated, they started all the various systems required to launch the shuttle. Finally, the moment of truth came, "T minus 5-4-3-2-1." With a loud blast and the inevitable fumes, they took off on their journey.

Before they knew it, they were in space and linking up to the Habitat. They entered the Habitat, released the shuttle, and took their bearings. Meanwhile, Mission Control used remote guidance systems to lead the shuttle back to Earth. The Habitat was powered-up, guidance and communications systems were activated, and the astronauts sent themselves on their long, multi-stage journey to Jupiter. The Mission had begun.

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